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workflow: the sequence of industrial, administrative or other processes through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion.
livestream: verb. to transmit on the internet as it happens. noun. a live transmission of an event on the internet.
signe plus-minus: (±) a mathematical symbol with multiple meanings. The sign indicates the precision of an approximation and may also represent an inclusive range of values that a reading might have.
nowness: subst. now + sufixe ness: the quality of ocurring or existing in the present time.

Location: Sala Polivalent de la planta baixa de Fabra i Coats-Fàbrica de Creació de Barcelona
Date: Wednesday 13th, Thursday 14th and Friday 15th of December 2017
Time: 17:30h to 21:00h

The event < / CODE±NOWNESS> responds to the potential of livestream video technologies as both an engine of cultural innovation and as an online means for the creation and production of culture. Today, more than ever, we need to consider livestream video - alongside mobile technologies and video gaming - as one of the main drivers of cultural innovation.

< / CODE±NOWNESS> sets out to establish
a scenario of innovation and reflection that can assist the development of creative and cultural uses of video livestream technologies.

One of the principle components of the event < / CODE±NOWNESS> is the installation WORKFLOW LIVESTREAM featuring the artistic and cultural projects developed during the workshop CINEMATIQUES DE LA WEB.

The interventions for the installation
WORKFLOW LIVESTREAM will include 'live online' video performances, sound installations via the live transmission of a sound environment, 'cinematic shots for the web', live webseries.... The live online presentations from the installation/set of < / CODE±NOWNESS> constitute a live online program of performances, demonstrations, talks and live cinematic projections.

In addition to the installation
WORKFLOW LIVESTREAM, the event < / CODE±NOWNESS> will also feature a programme of three 'WORKING SESSIONS Q&A' realised in collaboration with l'Acadèmia del Cinema Català and Fundación Mobile World Capital Barcelona .

The objective of the Working Sessions Q&A
is the advancement of how to think live online audiovisual and cultural production from the perspective of cinema, mobile technologies and contemporary uses of online video. The thematic for these Q&A Working Sessions follows a consensus that little by little, the old web – the one of text and static images – is being taken over by a world of video and mobile.

The formative argumentation is as follows:

If, as Jean Luc Godard states in his Histoires du Cinema, 'Cinema has always been the art that thinks', then the question at hand today is how this thought can be transferred to uses of mobile technologies, in order we think with these emergent technologies, rather than just be conformed by the algorithm.


The creation of audiovisual content outside of the cinematic screen. The emergence of a new and connected media regime, a new mode of manufacturing and articulating the reality of images in movement.


The rearticulation of lived experience, connected and online through the interface of the mobile device.


A new configuration of social narrative and the cultural environment.