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LIVEMEDIA -- Mediateca 2007
  L I V E M E D I A is a proposal by
Dogon Efff– María de Marías and Andrew Colquhoun (http://www.dogonefff.org). It represents a continued investigation into virtuality and the network of the Internet as a live and immersive environment.

LIVEMEDIA is a project of cultural and artistic communication. Its aim through promoting relations between online technologies and offline technologies, is to use real world spaces and virtual environment of the Internet for the creation of simultaneous, complicit, and intelligent “live mediated environments”. The premise for production is not about setting up a website but about using the platform of the Internet as a communicative tool. It is to establish a more complex relation of user and audience — who is online/who is offline? It is for the development of a new kind of online and offline platform for high quality cultural and artistic collaborations defined by transculturality and transdisciplinarity. This platform is given the generic name of Extranet.

The purpose of the Extranet is to provide online participation to collaborative projects, produce international programmes, exhibitions and online/offline events. It is to create a transcultural and interdisciplinary networked field of emergence. The Extranet will be virtual, anthropological, social, contextual and communicative. Heterogeneity should be inevitable. It should constitute a space of its own that is at once unique, open, resilient and extensible.

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